Taylor & Penny


About us


We are Taylor and Penny Lane the sweetest and most dynamic duo in Montreal. Both intelligent, charming and sensual woman with a love for adventure, travel and making new friends!

But what could you expect from such sweet wholesome girls? Well as some of you may know sweet faces are the best mask for devious intentions. We are no exception with our sweet demeanors only matched by our primal desire for contact and pleasure mixed with a curious nature for the unknown.

We are roommates and good friends who have known each other for years. Many of our first lesbian experiences were shared together and living together has allowed us to know each other body and mind. We would love to explore each other further with a special someone like you.

We are open to both shows and a more full-on interactive experience as both come with their own pleasures. Feel free to ask what you desire and we will be pleased to accommodate. We have lots of toys, matching lingerie and ideas so the possibilities are endless!